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In order for these rules and procedures to be effective and to keep operations running smoothly, a penalty system has been instituted. There are two types of rules which, if violated, can result in restrictions on a community producer. The Executive Director or a designee is authorized to issue warnings and suspensions. Membership fees will not be refunded to a member whose privileges have been suspended or revoked.

A. Major Violations

1. Major violations will result in an immediate 90-day suspension of membership. These may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Commercial or profit-making use of ECAT facilities.

  2. Abuse of staff or other members.

  3. Misrepresentation of members' affiliation with ECAT to others.

  4. Falsifying forms.

  5. Taking or reserving equipment without staff permission.

  6. Mishandling or unsafe use of equipment.

  7. Abuse of equipment, including attempted repair, facility reconfiguration, or improper transport.

  8. Tampering with, copying or deleting ECAT software or data.

  9. Failure to follow any requirement of the stations' Live Call-In Screening Policy.

  10. Three "No Show" cancellations in any one-year period

2. Any subsequent major violation will result in the permanent loss of ECAT equipment and facilities privileges.

B. Minor Violations

1. These may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Failure to cancel a reservation in accordance with sect;IV.,para;E

  2. Late pick-up or return of equipment without notification and approval. .

  3. Eating, drinking or smoking in non-designated areas of ECAT facilities.

  4. Failure to clean up after using the facilities.

  5. Handling off-limits equipment or being in off-limits areas.

  6. Rowdiness, or horseplay while in the facility, or creating any disturbance to other ECAT members, producers, guests, or the public.

  7. Three "Late Cancels" in any six-month period.

2. Minor violations that take place within a one year period will result in the following series of actions :

  1. First violation - written warning

  2. Second violation - 30-day suspension

  3. Third violation - 90-day suspension

  4. Fourth violation - permanent loss of ECAT privileges