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Responsibilities and Insurance

A. Signing and acknowledging agreement with these Rules and Procedures is a prerequisite to using equipment.

B. Community producers are responsible for the ECAT facilities and equipment signed out to them, as well as for the actions of their talent, crew, guests, and any others involved with their production.

C. ECAT has an insurance policy for the equipment while it is used by members. Premiums are paid by ECAT and the policy is in ECAT's name. In the event equipment is damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen, the community producer must cooperate fully with the ECAT Insurance Carrier. The community producer is responsible for the deductible, which is $500.  In case of theft, in order for the insurance company to honor the claim, the community producer is responsible for the following:

  1. A police report must be filed immediately;

  2. Equipment cannot have been left unattended;

  3. Equipment cannot have been left in a car overnight; and,

  4. There must be proof of forcible entry.

In the event ECAT's claim is not honored by its carrier, and the community producer is found to have failed to take reasonable precautions to protect the loaned equipment, it is the responsibility of the community producer to reimburse ECAT for the full replacement value to be determined by ECAT.