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Other Policies and Conditions

A. Copies of Programs

ECAT will allow producers to make a copy of their own program on dedicated duplication and burning equipment. 

B. Members Contact Information
Provided the Member gives permission, the Member’s email addresses and phone numbers  will be made available to other Members for the purpose of networking, productions, and other ECAT business. Provided that the Member gives permission, ECAT may make available its mailing list to non-Members.

On a limited basis, and for the purposes of production or other ECAT-related business, Members may communicate with other Members via ECAT’s electronic or postal mailings. For postal mailings, Members must provide the materials to be mailed and assistance with the mailing. Materials to be distributed require previous approval and will be included at the discretion of ECAT. Members are encouraged to use the message boards on the ECAT website.

Note: ECAT is not liable for any unauthorized release of names.

C. Public File
ECAT will make available to the public, by appointment during normal business hours, program logs and individual producer or sponsor names which are public documents.  Membership applications, addresses, or donor information will not be made available to the public.

D. Volunteers
ECAT relies heavily on the services of volunteers. ECAT Members are encouraged to volunteer during and after their training/certification in order to further develop their skills and to help ECAT serve the community. Members wishing to volunteer in lieu of payment for classes or equipment may do so upon agreement with ECAT staff.

In order to be eligible for discounts on classes or Membership, Members must have signed up in advance for a volunteer credit at the time they requested the discount. Volunteer time must be accrued before it can be ‘spent’. The volunteer hours will be forfeited if a Member does not attend the class for which they were applied, unless they have canceled by 10AM on the day of the class (See Section Three ~ Training, Workshops and Certification) .

F. Misrepresentation
Members of ECAT must not misrepresent themselves as employees of ECAT or as having the ability to speak for ECAT. Such action may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of Membership and privileges.

G. Facility Rules

  • Access Members are expected to clean up after themselves each time they use the facility.

  • Eating and drinking are allowed only in kitchen, meeting rooms and the front reception area.

  • No smoking, alcohol or illicit substances will be permitted on the premises. 

  • Animals are not allowed in the building with the exception of seeing-eye dogs or as part of a production.

  • Props. ECAT provides some props and supplies for sets. Members may store props on the premises for no more than 48 hours.

  • ECAT’s office supplies, furniture, etc. may not be used for sets and may not be used without permission of the staff.

H. Right to Refuse
ECAT staff reserves the right to refuse the use of its facilities to any individual who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or who interferes with the orderly conduct of business.

I. Indemnification
Users of the facilities shall indemnify and hold harmless ECAT, the cable operators, and the Town of Easton and its employees against any and all liability arising from any use of facilities and resources or from breach of these ECAT Policies and Procedures.

J. Interpretation
When the implementation of these policies and procedures are subject to interpretation, decisions shall be at the discretion of the Executive Director or designee.

K. Denial of Services
ECAT has the right to deny membership, access, and other services to any individual or group who has exhibited disruptive behavior at ECAT or any other public access center or organization.

L. Amendments
Amendments to the policies may be generated by the staff, Board of Directors, or proposed to the staff then submitted to the Board for consideration.  The Board of Directors will approve amendments. Access Members will be notified of any changes via email, the website, and in the facility. All significant proposed changes will be made available to Access Members for a 2-week comment period. ECAT cannot guarantee to grandfather any policies.


(v.1.0.3 - 11/14/13)