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A. Categories of Membership

In order to participate in training classes and/or to use production resources, a person must become a ECAT Access Member. At the present time there is one basic membership:

1. Individual Access Membership

Any Easton resident may become an Access Member. Definition: An Easton resident is defined as an individual whose principal residence is located in the Town of Easton. (That is, where he/she normally eats, sleeps and maintains his/her personal and household effects)

Access Members may:

enroll in any of ECAT’s workshops (see the Training section of these policies)

volunteer/assist on any production using ECAT equipment upon certification

use ECAT’s video equipment and facilities for a specified period of time without charge provided the production is for ECAT’s channels (See Section Four ~ Training, Workshops, and Certification)

cablecast programming on ECAT’s channels join any of ECAT's electronic communications (list serves, social networks, websites, etc.)

Note: An incorporated organization without an Easton address may be eligible for Membership if 50% of its service area, constituency, Membership, and events are in Easton.

B. Membership Fees
The Board of Directors of ECAT may establish membership fees, which shall be published annually.

C. Requirements for Access Membership
In order to gain access to production resources and certification training, a person becomes an Access Member by following these steps:

  1. Showing proof of Easton residency or, if a non-resident, submitting a letter from an Easton based Organization contact person.

  1. Proof may include, but is not limited to, current license, utility bill, or lease. A letter received at an Easton address is not deemed to be sufficient proof of residency.

  2. Post Office Boxes are not acceptable

  1. Signing and submitting an Access Membership Application

Easton residents who are between the ages of 12 and 18 who would like to become a member must also have their parent or guardian fill out an additional parental consent form

  1. Signing and submitting an Agreement With ECAT Policies form.

    Note: All Access Members must attend an Orientation prior to enrolling in workshops, using the facilities or producing a program.

    Further: It is the Access Member’s responsibility to ensure that ECAT has his or her current contact information.

D. Interns

ECAT relies on the services of Interns in many capacities. Generally, an internship requires a four-month commitment of a minimum of three hours weekly. In exchange, Interns receive all the benefits of Access Membership. Students receiving high school or college credit are also encouraged to intern. Those wishing to become interns are required to submit an Intern Application and a resume.

Note: Internships are provided at the discretion of ECAT staff. Every applicant is not guaranteed acceptance.

E. Program Funders, Sponsors, and Friends of ECAT

ECAT seeks funding from many sources in order to support it operations. Donations from individuals, foundations, corporations and businesses are tax deductible and are gratefully acknowledged on ECAT’s channels, in ECAT publications and in other promotional materials. Donors do not receive any goods or services for their donations, nor do they receive Membership benefits, unless such benefits are part of a special Sponsorship package.

F. Town of Easton Users

Employees of the Town of Easton and the School Department automatically receive ECAT Membership. Any employee of the Town or School Department wishing to join ECAT as an Access Member may do so.  Non-resident employees must have a supervisor or department head approve the Membership and serve as the Organizational contact person for the department. All other policies apply to these Members.

G. Representation

Access Members do not represent ECAT and should refrain from implying such representation. False representation of ECAT may result in suspension of membership privileges. Such false representation might include (but not be limited to) statements such as "I am producing for ECAT..." or "I work at ECAT...". A Community Producer may inform interested persons that he or she is "a volunteer community producer, working on my own TV program which I produce at Easton's PEG access facility, ECAT. I am responsible for the entire production...", or words to that effect.