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High School Crew

ECAT High School Crew
Easton Community Access TV is beginning a new on site training program for Easton high school age students. Students will be expected to assist with multi-cam and single camera high school event coverage (sports, concerts, etc.) with the expectation that upon successful completion of the training and passing of a quiz designed to test their knowledge they will be paid for their services.
To successfully complete the training students must assist with a minimum of 10 events (6 mulit-cam, 4 single-cam) and assist with a year’s worth of coverage. Students will be expected to show competence in set up and production.
Positions are limited BUT no experience is required to receive training and any high school students are encouraged to apply.
This is a great opportunity to learn new skills, add something to your college resume, and to get paid for your work. If interested apply on our website at

Interested?  Here's what to do:

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Download the Parental Consent Agreement below.  
  3. Have you parent/guardian sign it and return it to ECAT/50 Oliver Street/Suite 201A/Easton, MA 02356
  4. Read the fine print below.
The fine print
*Accommodations can be made for students with other seasonal commitments. Please feel free to contact ECAT if you are interested and need to make scheduling arrangements for your situation
- Students are representing ECAT and so must dress and act in a professional and respectful manner. 
-No swearing.  
-No talking/chatting/texting about anything not directly related to the production during filming is permitted. It is distracting to the crew and to observers at the event.
-Treat the equipment with care
-Students who violate any of the above rules can be removed from the program at the  Executive Director’s discretion.
-Freshman do not qualify for payment.
-Prior experience covering events for ECAT may be counted towards the coverage required before qualifying for payment. This applies to students who volunteered as high school students before this program was instituted and does not apply to students who volunteered for events coverage while in middle school.