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Freedom Part 1: A Reckoning in America

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Program Name: Freedom Part 1: A Reckoning in America
Program Time: 25 minutes & 58 seconds

Poems (Each poem is preceded by transitional commentary)
1st Poem:  My Conscious My Country (Land of Dreams and Nightmares)  
2nd Poem: Rich Rap
3rd Poem: Facing Oppression 
4th Poem: 21 Guns Under the Red, White & Blue
5th Poem: More Powerful Than Lightening
6th Poem: Open Letter to Congress
7th Poem: Glass Houses
8th Poem: Freedom

Credits: Currently in Production is Freedom Pt 2: Music, Poetry & Politics. Comment & Questions can 
be directed to The Freedom Series, Freedom Part 1 is written & produced by Rich Berg and edited & distributed by ECAT Studios, Jason Daniels Executive Director (, 50 Oliver Street, North Easton, Massachusetts.