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How can I get involved in ECAT?

Come in for a visit at 50 Oliver St., Suite 201. Give us a call at 508. Let’s talk about your show ideas. We can describe our volunteer and educational opportunities.


Are there memberships costs at ECAT?

No. We are a free resource for any members of the Easton community. Access to equipment and facility comes after participating in our workshops, orientation and training. Certain educational offerings will have an associated reasonable cost.


How can I become a member?

  • Come into the studio at 50 Oliver St. Suite 201 for a tour and orientation
  • Provide proof of residency or connection to Easton
  • Fill out a membership application
  • Discuss a project proposal or idea you want to get started
  • Get trained on the equipment that you want to use

What is available at the ECAT studio?

We have a fully functioning three-camera TV studio, a smaller radio/webcast studio, two control rooms, two post-production editing suites, and a selection of video cameras, tripods, lighting, microphones and other accessories for productions out in the field. Our studio has the capability to do remote Skype sessions, phone calls for a call-in show, a teleprompter and a green wall for the Chroma-key effect.


Do you offer training?

Yes we do. We provide 1-to-1 training in non-linear editing, videography and studio production. ECAT hosts periodic orientations, workshops and enrichment programs for people interested in producing programming and learning about TV, radio and digital media production.


What can I learn at ECAT?

We love to collaborate, to develop concepts and ideas. We share our knowledge of aesthetics and media literacy to educate and empower voices in the community.

Specific learning takes place with production in the field, production in the studio, lighting, editing/post-production, graphics/character generation, writing, acting/presenting, set design, location selection, digital archiving, podcasting, as well as emerging innovations in hardware, software and participatory media.


Who is on the staff at ECAT?

Jason Daniels is executive director. He is responsible for managing the operations, setting policies and fulfilling ECAT’s mission.

Kim Pincus is Director of Community Media. She is responsible for programming, education and training, and member and community projects

Bobby Miller is the Access Coordinator.  He is reposnsible for equipment access, studio and field productions, youth programming and training support.


Can ECAT cover our community event?

ECAT staff and volunteers cover important events in our community. We’ll work with organizations and individuals to use a mix of producers, volunteers, interns, staff to cover events such as concerts, parades, sporting events, lectures/panel discussions. We can’t cover everything, so we welcome partnership that empower people to make their own content.

How do I post an announcement?

Send your suggested text copy to Include the four W's (Who, What, Where, When) and try to stay within 140 characters total for on-screen legibility and possible posting on our social media channels. You can also attach and send any related photos or artwork to help us design your announcement. 720x540 for digital images work best.


Are there any limits on shows that I want to produce?

These channels are provided as a public forum for solely noncommercial speech and are therefore not subject to content regulation by ECAT, the Town of Easton, or the cable operator. ECAT is content neutral and any content that is considered protected speech under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is permissible on ECAT’s channels.

Producers are encouraged to distribute content on their social networks and platforms like YouTube.


Who decides what ECAT shows and when it will be aired? Where can I find a program guide?

ECAT staff sets a program schedule for its channels and archives for the website. Program schedules for Comcast and Verizon are available online at We also post upcoming schedules between broadcasts. ECAT is experimenting with using our Twitter feed to alert programming updates @EastonCAT.


Where can I find your channels?

ECAT cablecasts on both Comcast and Verizon. One channel is designated as community public access and the others for government and education programming. The Community Public Access stations are Comcast 9, Verizon 22. Government Access is on Comcast 98, Verizon 23 and Education is found on Comcast 97, Verizon 24.


Can I watch shows on the website?

ECAT archives most shows for on-demand viewing. ECAT uses discretion on how long programming is available on the website. Government programs are archived indefinitely.