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Film Sprint 2015 Rules

2015 ECAT Film Sprint official rules

  1. The Competition will run from 5 pm on July 10th, to 5 pm on July 12. All films must be turned in on the deadline. - NO EXCEPTIONS

  1. Absolutely no pre-production is allowed.

To adhere to the essence of the Film Sprint, no pre production will be allowed.

Conception, writing, filming, and editing will all take place over the 48 hour period. 

  • a. Music and SFX may be prerecorded and obtained from Creative Commons or used with permission from the artist or a proper license.
  • b. Selection of actors/crew may be made before the start of the Film Sprint.
  1. Final versions of entrees must:

    1. Turned in by 6pm 7/12 in .mov format - no exceptions

    2. 5-7 minutes in TOTAL length, including credits

    3. Completely original material

      1. EXCEPTION - teams may use Creative Commons music/sound fx

      2. EXCEPTION - teams may use Title templates supplied in editing software

    4. Include all 3 variables drawn at opening ceremony

    5. fit into a PG-13 rating

  1. Entrees CANNOT contain:

    1. Cursing, foul language, hate speech or offensive dialog.

    2. Gore

    3. Graphic Violence

    4. Graphic Sexual Content

    5. Films must be able to be played during the broadcast day.

  1. At least one team member MUST be present at the opening ceremony on 7/10 at 4:45pm to draw the 3 variables for the team's film at 5pm.

  1. Variables

    1. Genre - refers to the overall theme in the narrative elements from which films are constructed. (examples include: Comedy or Buddy Comedy, Drama or Dramedy) ECAT will choose and keep secret the genre variables to be drawn at the opening ceremony.  All clarification questions teams may have about the genres should be directed at ECAT staff ONLY.

    2. Location - this location variable must be included in the final entree for at least 30 seconds

    3. Scene - teams will be given a Youtube link to a famous scene in a movie that they must try to emulate and place in their film in a significant way.  The scene must be on screen for 10 secs minimum.  No dialog, plot devices, should be copied from the famous scene.  Teams are just asked to shoot a similar or copy of the cinematography of that scene.  Example:  Pulp Fiction Restaurant Robbery Scene = The team would be required to shoot a scene in which the actors were seated at a table using similar light, and framing while not having to “rob the place”

  1. Resources

    1. ECAT equipment is available on a 1st come 1st serve basis - no exceptions

    2. All equipment borrowed from ECAT will be treated with great care and respect.

    3. Team are allowed to use any other equipment they have access to.

    4. ECAT equipment requires a 15 min training on the camera and the responcibilites of borrowing our equipment. 

  1. Films will be judged by a panel of three judges. The Winner will be the film with the highest total score and the Runner-up will be the second highest scorer. In the event of a tie, the winner will be agreed upon by the judges based on overall craftsmanship and general effect of the film. The Runner-up will then become the group that was not awarded the tie-break point.

  1. Failure to adhere to any of these rules may result in immediate disqualification based on the discretion of the judges and/or festival administrators.