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ECAT Film Sprint 2015

The ECAT Film Sprint is back in 2015 for its annual community filmmaking event.  ECAT invites small teams in the Easton area to engage in a weekend project to make a short film.  Beginning Friday July 10th at 6pm teams will select randomly from a list of genres, locations and "imitation shots" that must be creatively incorporated into the film. Teams will have until Sunday @ 6pm July 12 to be eligible for a prize.  Filmmaking teams that submit a completed film are also invited to an exclusive screening on Sunday July 13th night at 8pm.  

Cameras, editing stations and various film accessories will be made available through ECAT. 

Registration begins on June 28th.  Registration is limited to 8 teams.  

Additional rules and information available at  Please indicate if you'd like to use ECAT equipment and keep your eyes out for  a pre-meeting the week leading up to the Sprint. 

Please direct additional questions to Jason Haven at 508-230-7200 or