Bob Lobel featured on ECAT's Sports Sidelines

Bob Lobel, Dover resident and former sportscaster for WBZ-TV Boston was a special guest on ECAT's Sports Sidelines  show hosted by Easton's own Dave Clifton and news reporter Ron Sanders.
Bob Lobel currently is co-host of Sports Legends of New England. Among his many career highlights was a very special appearance on his "Sports Final" show in 1992 by Ted Williams, Larry Bird and Bobby Orr. All sports legends on the Boston sports scene.  Bob also had a walk on part on "Cheers" during the 1984 season.
Sports Sidelines may be downloaded via MyMassTV or the Internet Archive.   Bob, Ron and Dave showed their easy rapport while discussing and reminiscing about the unique qualities of the Boston sports culture and our devout fans. Whether it was reporting on the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins or the Boston Marathon, Bob Lobel's reporting has become part of Boston's proud sports heritage through his generosity, humor and keen sense of sportsmanship.
This program will air on Saturday at 3pm, Sunday at 7pm, Tuesday at 6pm and Wednesday at 8pm.




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