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2017 Easton Town Election

Candidates are listed alphabetically within each race.

Click on this link for Town of Easton Election Information.

Board of Assesors Candidates

Ray Morell

Board of Assessors Candidate


Finance Commitee Candidates

Tom Brussard

Finance Committee Candidate

Tom Brussard's Website

Tom Brussard's Facebook

School Committee Candidates

Michelle Durrance

School Committee Candidate

Michelle Durrance's Facebook

Michelle Durrance's E-mail

Jane Martin

School Committee Candidate

Jane Martin's Facebook

Jane Martin's E-mail

Somying Jane Monroe

School Committee Candidate

Somying Jane Monroe's Facebook

Somying Jane Monroe's E-mail


Caroline O'Neill

School Commitee Candidate

Caroline O'Neill's Facebook

Jacob Weintraub

School Committee Candidate

Jacob Weintraub's Facebook

Board of Selectmen Candidates

Board of Selectmen Debate


Craig Barger

Board of Selectmen Candidate

Craig Barger's Website

Carol Nestler

Board of Selectmen Candidate

Carol Nestler's Website

Carol Nestler's Facebook