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04/21/17 [BOS]

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Board of Selectmen 04/21/17 [BOS]
Board of Health 04/24/17 [BOH]
Planning and Zoning 04/24/17 [PAZ]
Finance Committee 04/20/17 [FIN]
Conservation Commission 04/18/17 [CON]
Board of Appeals 04/18/17 [BOA]
Finance Committee 04/12/17 [FIN]
Planning and Zoning 04/10/17 [PZB]

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Board of Selectmen

Board of Selectmen 04/21/17 [BOS]
Board of Selectmen 04/03/17 [BOS]
Board of Selectmen 03/13/17 [BOS]
Board of Selectmen 03/06/17 [BOS]
Board of Selectmen February 22, 2016
Board of Selectmen February 11, 2016
Board of Selectmen January 25, 2016
Board of Selectmen January 11, 2016
Board of Selectmen December 21, 2015
Board of Selectmen December 7, 2015
Board of Selectmen November 30, 2015
Board of Selectmen Nov 2nd 2015
Board of Selectmen Oct 19th 2015
Board of Selectmen 10/7/2015
Board of Selectmen Sept 21st 2015
Board of Selectmen 8/31/2015
Board of Selectmen 8/17/2015
Board of Selectmen 7/13/2015
Board of Selectmen 6/29/2015
Board of Selectmen June 15, 2015
Board of Selectmen June 1st 2015
Board of Selectmen 4/27/2015
Board of Selectmen 4/27/2015
Board of Selectmen March 30th 2015
Board of Selectmen Jan 5th 2015
Board of Selectmen Jan 5th 2015
Board of Selectmen Dec 15th 2015
Board of Selectmen Dec 1st 2014
Board of Selectmen Nov 3rd 2014
Board of Selectmen Oct 6th 2014
Board of Selectmen 4/28/2014
Board of Selectmen March 10th 2014
Board Of Selectmen Feb 24th 2014
Board Of Selectmen Feb 10th 2014
Board Of Selectmen Jan 6th 2014
Board Of Selectmen 12/16/2013
Board of Selectmen Dec 12th 2013
Board Of Selectmen 11/18/2013
Board Of Selectmen Oct 21 2013
Board Of Selectmen Sept 9th 2013
Board Of Selectmen Aug 26th 2013
Board of Selectmen Aug 12th 2013
Board of Selectmen July 1st 2013
Board of Selectmen Feb 25th 2013
Board of Selectmen Dec 3rd 2012
Board of Selectmen Meeting October 15th 2012
Board of Selectmen September 10th 2012
Board of Selectmen Meeting March 26th 2012
Board of Selectmen Meeting April 23rd 2012
Board of Selectmen March 7th 2011
Board of Selectmen February 2nd 2011

Board of Health

Board of Health 04/24/17 [BOH]
Board of Health March 21st 2017
Board of Health 02/27/17
Board of Health 01/23/17
Board of Health 01/09/17
Board of Health 12/19/16
Board of Health 12/05/16
Board of Health 11/21/16
Board of Health 11/07/2016
Board of Health 10/24/16
Board of Health September 12th 2016
Board of Health 08/29/16
Board of Health 08/15/16
Board of Health 08/01/16
Board of Health 07/18/16
Board of Health 05/31/16
Board of Health 05/02/16
Board of Health 04/11/16
Board of Health 03/21/16
Board of Health 03/07/16
Board of Health February 22, 2016
Board of Health January 25, 2016
Board of Health January 4th 2016
Board of Health December 14, 2015
Board of Health 11/23/2015
Board of Health 10/26/2015
Board of Health 9/23/2015
Board of Health 9/8/2015
Board of Health 8/24/2015
Board of Health 8/17/2015
Board of Health 7/20/2015
Board of Health 7/6/2015
Board of Health 6/22/2015
Board of Health 5/26/2015
Board of Health 5/5/2015
Board of Health 4/6/2015
Board of Health March 16th 2015
Board of Health March 2nd 2015
Board of Health 2/17/2015
Board of Health Jan 12th 2015
Board of Health Dec 22nd 2014
Board of Health 11/24/14
Board of Health Oct 27th 2014
Board of Health 10/14/15

Planning and Zoning Board

Planning and Zoning 04/24/17 [PAZ]
Planning and Zoning 04/10/17 [PZB]
Planning Board 03/13/17 [PZB]
Planning Board 02/13/17
Planning and Zoning Board February 29, 2016
Planning and Zoning Board February 1, 2016
Planning & Zoning Board December 14, 2015
Planning & Zoning Board November 23, 2015
Finance Committee Nov 4th 2015
Planning & Zoning Board Oct 26th 2015
Planning & Zoning Oct 14th 2015
Planning & Zoning 8/25/2015
Planning & Zoning Board Nov 11th 2014

Finance Committee

Finance Committee 04/20/17 [FIN]
Finance Committee 04/12/17 [FIN]
Finance Committee 03/29/17 [FIN]
Finance Committee 03/15/17 [Fin]
Finance Committee 03/08/17 [FIN]
Finance Committee December 8, 2015
Finance Committee October 28, 2015
Finance Committee Oct 14th 2015
Finance Committee 8/12/2015
Finance Committee 6/10/2015
Finance Committee 5/13/2015

School Committee

School Committee April 6th 2017
School Committee 03/02/17
School Committee Meeting Task Force Workshop 02/16/2017
School Committee Meeting February 2nd 2017
School Committee 10/06/16
School Committee 08/18/16
School Committee 06/09/16
School Committee 05/26/16
School Committee 05/11/16
School Committee 04/07/16
School Committee 03/03/16
School Committee 01/15/16
School Committee 01/08/16
School Committee 12/03/15
School Committee 7/9/2015
School Committee 6/4/2015
School Committee 5/23/2015
School Committee 4/9/2015
School Committee Feburary 6th 2015

Conservation Commission

Conservation Commission 04/18/17 [CON]
Conservation Commission 04/03/17 [CON]
Conservation Commission December 19th 2016
Conservation Commission June 20th 2016
Conservation Commission January 25, 2016
Conservation Committee January 11th 2016
Conservation Commission December 22 2015
Conservation Commission December 7, 2015
Conservation Commission Oct 14th 2015

Board of Appeals

Board of Appeals 04/18/17 [BOA]
Board of Appeals 03/07/17 [BOA]
Board of Appeals 02/07/17
Board of Appeals 01/24/17
Board of Appeals 01/03/17
Board of Appeals 12/06/16
Board of Appeals 10/25/16
Board of Appeals 09/20/16
Board of Appeals 08/23/16
Board of Appeals 07/20/16
Board of Appeals 06/07/16
Board of Appeals 05/03/16
Board of Appeals 03/29/16
Board of Appeals Oct 20th 2015
Board of Appeals Sept 24th 2015
Board of Appeals 8/18/2015
Board of Appeals July 7th 2015
Board of Appeals 6/24/2015
Board of Appeals 6/18/2015
Board of Appeals March 3rd 2015
Board of Appeals Jan 13th 2015
Board of Appeals Dec 2nd 2014
Board of Appeals 10/21/2014
Board of Appeals Jan 13th 2014
Board of Appeals Aug 27th 2013
Board of Appeal Sept 26th Meeting
Board of Appeal July 31st 2012

Housing Authority

Hearings / Miscellaneous Meetings

Audit Committee

Audit Committee 04/04/17 [AUD]
Audit Committee 2/07/17
Audit Committee 01/10/17
Audit Committee 11/30/16
Audit Committee 06/21/16
Audit Committee 06/14/16
Audit Committee 06/07/16
Audit Committee 05/16/16
Audit Committee 05/10/16
Audit Committee May 3rd 2016
Audit Committee April 27th 2016
Audit Committee April 20th 2016
Audit Committee 04/05/16
Audit Committee 03/22/16
Audit Committee 03/08/16
Audit Committee 02/02/16
Audit Committee January 19, 2016
Audit Committee January 5, 2016
Audit Committee December 22 2015
Audit Committee December 1, 2015

Historical Commission

Historical Commission 03/28/17 [HIS]
Historical Commission December 23rd 2015
Historical Commission December 8, 2015
Historic Commission March 24th 2015
Historical Commission Feb 10th 2015
Historical Commission Jan 14th 2015

Capital Planning

Capital Planning April 26th 2016

Annual / Special Town Meetings

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04/26/17 [BOS]

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